De Googh
(Fa. J.N Bakker)

De Baan 18
2377CG Oude Wetering

Tel. +31(0)713315528/ +31(0)636149049 : 562159

Flower nursery 'De Googh'

'De Googh' finds its origin in 1953, the year Koos Bakker began the company with his wife. Later in the year 1980 he started the firm J.N. Bakker en Zn. with his sons Gerard and Aad Bakker. A few years later the brothers gave their company the name 'De Googh'. This name is a link to the area in which the company is settled. The area is called 'De Gogher polder'.
Our main crop is the 'Euphorbia fulgens'.
In the months January until April we also have 2 million tulips of different kinds. With an area of 2,5 hectares we are a middle shaped nursery. We have specialised ourselves in the Euphorbia fulgens with traditional long flowers, which you can recognise by their gently curve.