Euphorbia fulgens

Order in time
To get you're flowers the day you want them, you have to order them in time at the
flower merchant. This way we have enough time to harvest the flowers and to treat them right
before they go on transport.

Tips and care
With proper care the Euphorbia fulgens lasts a life of eight to twelve days.

Tip 1 : No water
Sometimes the flowers are packed in boxes, it would be wise to put them
in water as quick as possible. The first thing you see when the flowers get
no water for to long is yellow leaves.

Tip 2 : Cut and burn again
For a good water absorption we ‘burn’ the cut of each stem. This we do
in hot water(60-80°C) for about 10 seconds. This done to stop the bleeding and
re-initiate the flow of nutrients into each stem.
It can be that by transport the flowers have become a little limp.
If they have it’s wise to cut them and put them in hot water(or under a hot tap) for about 10 seconds once more.

Tip 3 : Storage place
If you want to store the flowers the optimal temperature would be 9 to 10 degrees.
Storage by a lower temperature might give black spots on the flowers and they might fade color.

Tip 4 : Putting place
Euphorbia fulgens is sensitive to ethylene gas so the flowers shouldn’t be placed near any
kind of fruit. Don’t put the flowers in direct sunlight and avoid draught.
If you put your flowers on the coldest spot of your room they have the longest life.