Euphorbia fulgens

Growing methods are becoming increasingly professional. Intensive exchange of knowledge
about climate control and the possibilities of controlling plant growth, a serious attitude to harvesting
and sales and closer attention to the basic materials have led to a more consistent quality.
With the right treatment in the grower-to-consumer chain, the product has a life of eight to twelve
days after it reaches the customer.

From greenhouse to flowermarket
How do we treat this exclusive flower before it comes to the market?
1. With harvesting the lenght of each stem is made from 60 to 90 cm.
2. The stems are sorted by flower length, variating from 10 to 35 cm.
3. Bunches of 10 stems are being made.
4. The cutting edge of each bunch is hold in hot water(60-80°C) for about 10 seconds.
    This is done to stop the bleeding.
5. We block the ethylene gas in the Euphorbia fulgens by putting them for at least 3 hours
    in a mix of water and chrysal AVB. Then we put the flowers in buckets for transport.